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My office is the outdoors and the seats are hammocks or trees.

Tea and hot chocolate are often served in the storm kettle or over the fire!

Nature-Based Counselling/Mentoring Sessions are one to one sessions using nature as a co-therapist/mentor. Sessions offer the opportunity to access mental health and wellbeing support in a different environment and can include nature-based activities to promote wellness.

Wild N' Well can provide the venue or work in a space of your choice. Should your child wish to access sessions in school, this can be arranged using the schools outdoor space where available. I have delivered many sessions in school forest areas. 

"Luke has done so much for me through school, I'm talking stress, health, support and much more. I thank him for it. We went on walks to calm me down, we had heart to heart chats and I wouldn't forget our fist bumps. Thank you Luke." (9 Year on Emotional Wellbeing Support)

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